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Prabal gave me a foundation and the tools to build on this foundation, in order to maintain sobriety. Today, I am a happy & sober man. I want to thank to Team Prabal for saving my life, as I was truly on my way to death.

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The continued support of the staff even after the treatment period helps me to look and deal with life in a different perspective.

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Prabal offers a wide range of therapies as part of their treatment. These therapies are chosen based on each individual's tastes and unique needs. Patients are educated about their Addiction, Mental Problems, provided with a healthy diet, exercise, and take part in the daily schedule. The family residential programme aids in restoring broken relationships and helps both the patient and family recover. Follow up care and extended care is also offered.
Our treatment program is designed to help a person achieve the following-

♦ Art Therapy
♦ Yoga Therapy
♦ Healing Sound Therapy
♦ Psychodrama Treatment
♦ Group Dynamic Therapy
♦ Nutritional Counseling
♦ Adequate emphasis on family support
♦ Individual counseling
♦ Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
♦ Relaxation therapy
♦ life skills management
♦ Education about Addiction and Mental Illness
♦ Relapse prevention
♦ After-care programs
♦ Improvement of Communication Skills
♦ Group Games
♦ Debate
♦ Extempore Speech
♦ Encouraging Literary Works
♦ Occasional Long-Distance / Short Trips
♦ Sessions to Improve Attentiveness
♦ Regular Physical Exercise
♦ Daily News Recollection
♦ Hobby Development
♦ Establishing long/short term goals
♦ Mental stability
♦ Emotional Growth
♦ Spiritual growth and well being
♦ Learn how to live a clean and sober life
♦ Learn how to enjoy yourself in sobriety
♦ Establish a sober support system
♦ Nutrition/fitness/healthy lifestyle
♦ Making plans for a healthy and safe transition back into everyday life (extended care, outpatient, Twelve Step Meetings, sober living environment).

Personalized Treatment Plan A consultant and therapist work with each patient to develop a unique and personal treatment plan based on history, personality, and medical needs. After the admission at the facility, the patient is evaluated to determine whether underlying psychological issues are affecting the alcohol / drug problem. If it is determined that this is the case, the patient is recommended for the Psych Track. The Psych Track includes evaluations and a package of additional individual therapy session with a therapist or a psychologist. Beside this daily Psychological Counselling and assessment is done by the deputed therapist. Family counseling to make the family aware on different aspects is also the part of personalized treatment plan. The cost for this track is Rs 4000.00.
DAILY INPUT SESSIONS Input sessions are lectures delivered by experts. Each input session is followed by a question-answer session. The main topics discussed are given below with corresponding reference to the therapeutic goals.
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♦ Medical
♦ Therapies
♦ Daily Input Sessions
♦ Treatment of Mental Disorders
SP-21, Chetna Vihar,
Sector-C, Aliganj,
Lucknow-20, U.P., India.
Ph: 0522-2325078,
Mobile: 9415102407.