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Prabal gave me a foundation and the tools to build on this foundation, in order to maintain sobriety. Today, I am a happy & sober man. I want to thank to Team Prabal for saving my life, as I was truly on my way to death.

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The continued support of the staff even after the treatment period helps me to look and deal with life in a different perspective.

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Family Support Program

PRABAL recognizes that addiction is a family disease. The consequences of addiction reach much farther than the addict himself, and often leave the addict's family in shambles. That's why PRABAL has developed the “PRABAL FAMILY SUPPORT PROGRAM”.
The family of the chemically dependent person is victims of addiction who do not use chemicals, but are nevertheless victimized by the drug. These people are rarely treated as individuals who need help. They are rarely given a personalized recovery programme for their problems and pain. The pathetic truth is that they are also desperately in need of proper help, support and understanding. In their efforts to protect themselves from the pain of the disease, they would have developed their own emotionally insufficient ways of coping with the problem. The first step towards recovery is to appreciate the enormity of the problem experienced by the family and educate themselves towards implementing the desired behavioral changes. Family support is an essential ingredient in the recovering person’s journey to recovery. The best that the family can do is to be constructive towards their loved one and support his/her treatment programme. The family needs to help the addict remain focused during the treatment process. All the family members must remain firm in impressing upon the addict to complete his treatment. The journey to recovery can only succeed with the full and active participation of the family members. Treatment is only the first step of the long road to recovery. We believe that rehabilitation in true sense is within the community which one belongs to, thus it becomes necessary that the same community understand an addict, the pain, shame and guilt he goes through and how they will deal with him after he completes his treatment. This has been the main aim of our family assistance programme.


Family association meetings are held on every alternate Sundays. The purpose behind organizing these meetings is to provide a platform to these family members where they can share their feelings and take back ‘hope’ and ‘happiness’. These weekly sessions help them a lot in going past their initial shock and their own stage of denial. These meetings also teach them how to extend healthy support and do away with enabling attitudes that may hamper their recovery.


Prabal Family Support Group comprises of family members whose loved one’s are now in recovery. In the initial stages, this group provides support to the family members to overcome from the feelings of guilt, shame, hurt, anger, grief, fear, and loneliness. Through dialogue and discussions, the group prepares them for the responsibility of being a constructive force and support to the program. This way they are all focused in their resident’s treatment and they remain firm in impressing upon him to complete his treatment program.
The key elements of the Prabal Family Support Program include:
♦ Educating the family about addiction
♦ Briefing the family about what to expect from the treatment program and how to cooperate for maximum benefit
♦ Introduction to Al-anon family support groups
♦ Counselling for personal issues and conflict resolution
♦ Participation in structured intervention sessions with clients in treatment
♦ Communication exercises between the client and family members
♦ Participation in the client’s relapse prevention plan
♦ Regular classes at Prabal for families on various aspects of addiction and recovery

♦ Medical
♦ Therapies
♦ Daily Input Sessions
♦ Treatment of Mental Disorders
SP-21, Chetna Vihar,
Sector-C, Aliganj,
Lucknow-20, U.P., India.
Ph: 0522-2325078,
Mobile: 9415102407.